Where to Host Corporate Events in Logan Square

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Best Place to Host Corporate Events in Logan Square

Hosting corporate events is often a high-pressure experience. A successful event involves choosing the right venue, attaining quality food, assessing guest flow, hiring entertainment, and so much more. If you’re located in the Chicago area, then you’re probably overwhelmed with decisions about finding the perfect space to host corporate events in Logan Square. This article will discuss how you can find the best location for your corporate event and the criteria for selecting the liveliest venues. 

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Why Host Logan Square Events at Navigator Taproom? 

Why should you choose Navigator Taproom as the ideal Chicago party place for corporate events? Navigator Taproom offers various party options, from casual dining to upscale alcoholic beverages to a lively atmosphere. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should host your next corporate event in Logan Square with us: 

Self-Service Taps

For a unique corporate experience, consider Navigator Taproom’s self-pour service. Instead of traditionally ordering drinks from a busy bartender, sample one of our forty-eight taps yourself. Are you interested in trying any unusual flavors but don’t want to invest in an entire pint? Our self-pour model lets you sample each flavor until you find one you can’t live without. 

The Best Beverages

Whether you’re an expert taster or a novice, our forty-eight beers on tap offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you enjoy IPAs, cider, lagers, or any other type of beer, our taproom will provide only the best beverages on the market. As with any alcoholic beverage, beers are most enjoyable with food. Pair your next drink with a food bar! Better yet, select from several intriguing flavor profiles straight from our kitchen.

An Amazing Atmosphere

When choosing a venue, the atmosphere is one of, if not the most critical factor. Architecture, music, design, scents, and much more can make or break your venue assessment. 

We offer two rental options to enjoy our lively atmosphere for your next corporate event. You can rent out specific tables or the entire taproom. Renting the whole bar allows you to customize the decor and even bring in additional food options. We only require a $50 to $100 deposit to reserve your space. 

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How to Choose the Best Event Space Rental

Every and all Logan Square events are sure to become the talk of the town. While you might come across plenty of options for Chicago event space rentals in Logan Square, that number will slowly drop once you start researching how many match your desired criteria. To assess which venues for corporate events meet your criteria, consider the following recommendations. 

Is It a Chicago Party Place?

Before booking your venue, determine whether you intend to host a simple corporate event or if you are searching for an up-and-coming Chicago party place in Logan Square. The general everyday mood of your venue will set the tone of your event. What kind of corporate event are you hoping to host? Do you intend on hosting a traditional and classic sit-down meal or a lively party with self-serve options?

Your response to these questions will determine the ideal type of venue you should rent. Luckily, if you do desire a lively and fun atmosphere, Navigator Taproom offers one of the best Chicago event space rentals for parties. Whether you hope to serve comfort food, bond as a team watching the latest sporting event, or sing karaoke while grabbing a beer, our taproom offers only the most vibrant experiences. 

Local Appeal

Many businesses worry that all their efforts will be in vain if event attendees dislike the event location. This is an entirely valid concern. The location is often the most memorable part of the experience. Guests usually comment on the venue itself more than the actual event functions.

To avoid choosing unsavory event spaces, carefully consider the location of your corporate function. We recommend partnering with local venues whenever possible to build your relationships with other businesses. Remember, choose a venue that is a reasonable distance from your company to minimize extra strain on employees’ driving and gas mileage.

If attendees travel, choose a venue closer to specific airports or hotels. To prevent late arrivals or lost attendees, ensure you provide them with mobile event apps, maps, or driving and parking information. Providing attendees with easy navigation creates a positive mindset before the start of the event. 


Any recurring patron of Logan Square will tell you that Navigator Taproom is the Chicago party place. The best way to assess the success of your event involves asking frequent clientele and locals. Most often, locals know the surrounding event spaces well and can honestly share their thoughts on those spaces. Next time you require a venue to host your corporate event, visit our taproom to hear locals’ thoughts on an authentic Chicago beer house. 


Budget availability will always impact the event planning experience. Depending on your budget, you may be willing to spend more or less on certain factors like catering versus decor or an aesthetic venue.

Most budgets require a rigid spending structure. However, event budgets depend upon flexibility with wiggle room for optional items. The normal event budget will include set expenses for food and beverages, staffing, technology use, marketing services, and other amenities. 

Are you searching for exceptional Logan Square event spaces with a budget-friendly venue? Navigator Taproom provides precisely that. Our taproom offers quality food and handcrafted alcoholic beverages for a fair price. When you choose to host your event with us, you’ll experience all the benefits a local taproom offers, such as exploring taproom culture and the variety of meals or beers offered. 


The final step to choosing the ideal Chicago event space rental involves assessing the venue’s potential flow. The venue’s “flow” refers to guest accommodation, appropriate sizing and space, and ongoing activities.

Consider the total event flow to assess if your event will operate smoothly throughout the night. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the venue an appropriate size to accommodate guests?
  • Are specific spaces, like the kitchen and restrooms, conveniently located nearby?
  • Will bottlenecks occur in high-flow spaces like the bar, restrooms, and dining area?

To prevent these issues, ask for an illustrated floor plan of the venue. Map out potential activities on the floor plan to assess if this venue is right for your corporate event. 

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Host Your Logan Square Events With Navigator Taproom 

Are you searching for the best Chicago party place for your corporate event? While so many criteria exist for selecting lively party venues, Navigator Taproom will suit most any corporate events. The next time you’re looking to host corporate events in Logan Square, consider contacting Navigator Taproom for an exceptional experience that is sure to leave a memorable impression.