About Navigator Taproom

Navigator Taproom was founded by a couple of dudes drinking brews, who were interested in drinking differently. They had a dream: to have a taproom that offers a beer-tasting experience every day. Our taproom has the self-pour tap wall of your dreams, a wide variety of beers, wine, cocktails, and nonalcoholic beverages, and a friendly environment.

Navigator Taproom

About Our Founders

The Navigator Taproom founders, like Vikings of old, have set out for new land with the promise of sweet gold — only this gold you can drink. Tim and Erik are not the creators of the off-color Cartoon Network series. They’re just a couple of Chicago, Illinois bros with beards — solid beards. Not James beards, real deal Nordic beards.  They’re old friends whose love for good beer and travel made them want to start this cool thing you’re looking at. They value hanging out with people and trying new things and they want to share that with the city they love. Their dream is to be a part of the booming beer culture with a cool new idea in a dope neighborhood — Logan Square.  They’ve created a friendly environment that can be described as a Chicago Beer House — where you can have a beer tasting whenever you want. Finally.

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The Self-Pour Tap Wall

And even more importantly, the self-pour tap wall. It’s what you’ve been dreaming of: a wall of more than 50 beers on tap, just waiting for you to pour your own. Want to try an ounce or two of something new? Go for it! No more paying for a full pint of beer you didn’t even really like all that much. Or, spending your whole night trying to catch the attention of a bartender or waiting on your waitress to finally return with your next round. The tablet tells you how much beer you’ve poured by the ounce and the price.

About Us: All Your Questions Answered.

No one likes hosting parties at home. (All that clean up after? Ugh. Let us do it for you.) We love parties, and parties love us. With our huge variety of beverages, our taproom has something for everyone in your group. Everyone from your smallest nephew to your mother-in-law will have a good time. We’d love to host your next event at Navigator Taproom. Or, just bring in a group of friends for a fun night.

Absolutely. Our taproom is family-friendly and children are welcome. We have even been known to host the occasional baby shower or kid’s birthday party.

Happy hour is even happier at Navigator Taproom. Our happy hour is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., every Monday through Friday. Wine is $5, cocktails are $6, and beer is discounted by about 25%.

Feel free to bring some food, or order some in. We offer delivery from our neighborhood partners Beautiful Rind.    

We’re glad you asked. We are now offering beer delivery or, stop by and pick up some beer to take home.

Still have questions about us at Navigator Taproom? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether you’re interested in private events, large groups, catering, or franchising, contact us today. Or even better, stop in for a beer and ask your question in person!