There are many best kept secrets in Logan Square. There are incredible shops, restaurants, and bars for you to explore. Look beyond the tourist-heavy locations and explore the businesses that make Chicago, Chicago.

Navigator Taproom is one of these best kept secrets in Logan Square. The best kept secret in Logan Square is a place where beer lovers can congregate and share their love of good drinks. Here you are sure to find a place, unlike any other taproom.

In this article, you will learn about the best kept secret in Logan Square and about amazing places to visit in Chicago. Once you experience the best kept secret in Logan Square, you are sure to never want to go back to your local pub. At Navigator Taproom, you can get what you want in the amount you want. No size is too small, or too big if you are drinking responsibly.



Secrets in chicago

There are many places to visit in Chicago. Chicago has wonderful food, amazing shows, and historic landmarks that are must-sees. I am sure you know about the bean, Navy pier, and the slew of incredible museums, but what about the harder-to-find places, the ones you will not find unless you live in the city or ask around?



Hairpin Arts Center provides artists with a place to create and display their work. This is a great place to experience the culture of Logan Square and Chicago as a whole. Art tends to reflect reality and allows the viewer to explore the topic the artist presents. It is an unbeatable experience. Admission is free.



Galerie F provides a great place to support local artists. Buy prints at an affordable price from very talented artists. If it interests you, you can learn about the artists as well.



Do you like plants? If you want to add some floral color to your home, Fleur is a flower shop that can make that happen.



There are many incredible places to eat in Logan Square coving a variety of cultures and themes. Logan Square has something for everyone to enjoy. Consider these places to visit in Chicago if you are feeling hungry.



90 miles is a Cuban restaurant and one of the best places to eat in Logan Square. The setting is fun and relaxed. If you would like to sit outside, you can do so all year long. Their patio is heated and enclosed so you can stay warm even when it is cold outside.

90 miles has also partnered with Navigator Taproom. 90 miles is a bring-your-own beer establishment and Navigator Taproom specializes in beer.  Navigator Taproom provides the beer and 90 miles provides the food. Visit Navigator Taproom and get food from 90 miles delivered to you.



Serai Thai is another restaurant that has partnered with Navigator Taproom. Enjoy amazing Thai food with one of Navigator Taproom’s forty-eight beers, ciders, wines, and more.



Despite its location in Chicago, Pizza Lobo serves New York-style pizza. If you love this type of pizza, you will love Pizza Lobo. This is a neighborhood spot with lots of outdoor seating and a heated patio.



Monster Ramen features a small menu of merely only seven types of ramen. Though their menu is short, it is just as tasty. Monster Ramen is one of two places that serve gyukotsu ramen in Chicago.



Testaccio is a great place to eat in Logan Square if you are looking for an Italian place. It is relatively new, only just opening in the summer of 2020, but it has already proven to be a great casual dining restaurant.



Although the places to visit in Chicago mentioned above are sure to bring you an enlightening experience, if you are looking for the true best kept secret in Logan square, you are looking for Navigator Taproom.




Navigator taproom

Navigator Taproom is the best kept secret in Logan Square. Located at 2211 N. Milwaukee Ave #100, Navigator Taproom is a Logan Square Native.  This taproom is the place to go if you are looking for a unique drinking experience.

Unlike other taprooms, bars, and pubs, Navigator Taproom operates as a self-pour service. You do not order your drinks from a bartender who also needs to wait on every other customer in the bar. Instead, you decide when to drink. When you arrive, you receive a pour card, which you can use at any of our forty-eight delicious taps.

Forty-eight taps might seem like a lot. After all, how will you be able to afford to try them all? What if there is a flavor you have never heard of? You do not want to waste money on something you do not like. That is one thing that makes out self-pour model so good. If you see a flavor that entices you, but you worry you will not like it, you only need to pour a little. If you enjoy the taste, you can fill up your entire glass. If you do not like the flavor, no harm is done. You have only paid for the little bit you tasted rather than a whole glass.

Have you ever googled, “best gems near me?” If you live near Logan Square, Navigator Taproom should make its way to the top of your list.  We go out of our way to make sure that the best kept secret in Logan Square becomes your new favorite drinking spot. We love our customers just as much as we love beer.

Plan your next party with us. Whether it’s a bachelor or bachelorette party, a birthday party, a reunion, or a simple outing, you are sure to have a great time. We will reserve you and your group a table so your group can freely socialize and enjoy some great beers.

Navigator Taproom is one of the best kept secrets in Logan Square. Now that you are in on the secret, do not delay to give us a visit.