Do you want to know why Navigator Taproom should be part of your next bar crawl? With a wide array of beer, cider, wine, and more, you are bound to find something you will be excited to drink. There is no place like Navigator Taproom when it comes to drinks. You will not regret making Navigator Taproom part of your next Chicago bar crawl. In this article, you will learn how to plan your Chicago bar crawl and why Navigator Taproom should be part of your next bar crawl.



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A Chicago bar crawl is exciting. Chicago is filled with fantastic bars and pubs that you should explore during your time in the city. Although Chicago bar crawls offer a chance for fun and excitement, planning can help you stay safe and maximize the amount of fun you have.



If you have a list of must-experience bars, make sure to plan what order you’ll experience them in. Try to keep the route organized. Driving usually isn’t the preferable option, so either choose bars within walking distance of one another, choose bars near train or bus stops, or decide that you will take taxis or rideshares.

You will also want to balance your time between trendy places and places you know you will be served quickly. While trendy spots are fun, they also usually come with long lines that sometimes stretch out the door. If you want to visit more than two bars during your Chicago bar crawl, you will want to mostly choose places where you know you will be served relatively quickly.

Navigator Taproom is self-pour. Once you receive your pour card, you are set to fix yourself a drink. There is no need to wait on bartenders who need to split their attention between multiple guests. Drink what you like and move on to the next stop on your Chicago bar crawl. That is one reason why Navigator Taproom should be part of your next bar crawl. Although we are trendy and cool, you will not spend your whole night waiting to be served.



The group you take on your Chicago bar crawl will determine how you should approach the crawl. Do you have a large group? It is a good idea to give the bars you plan to visit a heads up. If bars have time to prepare, they will have a much easier time accommodating your group. You will have a better experience and the workers will also be much happier.

You will also want to consider your group’s stamina. Although there are many amazing bars to explore, you will only want to visit about six at the most. Any more and you and your group will be too tired to have any fun. You will also need to consider how your group is willing to walk or if they will want food in addition to drinks. You will want to spend enough time at each bar to have the whole experience. Feeling rushed is a very easy way to suck the fun out of events like a Chicago bar crawl.



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At the core of the successful bar crawl is interesting and unique bars. Most people have been to an everyday kind of bar where they sit down and a bartender serves them a bud light or something similar. Find places that are a bit more exciting. Perhaps they have a unique theme, play exciting music, offer drinks you can not get anywhere else, or have an interesting way of serving their drinks.

Navigator Taproom is known for its wide variety of drinks you can pour yourself. Unlike other bars, you do not need to commit or pay for a full-size glass of a drink you wish to try. At Navigator Taproom you can pay for barely a sip of anything you would like. If you do not like it, you do not need to worry about wasting money or the drink. That is why Navigator Taproom should be part of your next bar crawl. We offer an experience like no other.



In all the planning, it is important to remember the most important thing: to have fun! Bar crawls are a great opportunity to try new drinks and socialize. If you want to know why Navigator Taproom should be part of your next bar crawl, the answer is in the fun. You are sure to have fun if you visit Navigator Taproom.



Are you barhopping in Logan Square? Know for its historic mansions and churches, parks and boulevards, Logan Square is a beautiful Neighborhood. Not only does Logan Square look beautiful, but it also has a vibrant beer scene. If you thought a general Chicago bar crawl would be exciting, specifically focusing your bar crawl in Logan Square will be even more exciting.

Navigator Taproom is a Logan Square native. We love the neighborhood as much as our customers love our beer. If you are bar hopping in Logan Square, Navigator Taproom is a must-see. That is why Navigator Taproom should be part of your next bar crawl.



If you want to add the best taprooms in Chicago to your Chicago bar crawl, you have come to the right place. Navigator taproom is one of the best taprooms in Chicago. We are a self-pour beer and wine taproom bar. We offer a rotating assortment of forty-eight chilled taps. Everyone in your bar crawl group will be sure to find something they like. They will also be free to try any flavor they like with a very low commitment. If they only want to try a sip, they only need to pay for the sip. There will be no wasting of money, time, or drinks with Navigator Taproom.

If you want to make your time with Navigator Taproom extra special, consider hosting a party with us. We will set up a table specifically for your party. Contact us and we will get it all set up for you and your Chicago bar crawl group. That is why Navigator Taproom should be part of your next bar crawl.