What to Look for in a Corporate Event Venue

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What Should You Look for in a Corporate Event Venue?

Considering what to look for in a corporate event venue can quickly become intimidating. The location of your chosen space leaves a lasting impact on event attendees. To create a memorable event, you need to plan the date, catering options, potential speakers or DJs, and so many other tasks. However overwhelming it may become, do not fret – Navigator Taproom offers the ideal solution when you’re looking for corporate event spaces. This article will discuss guidelines for event venue finding, absolute event necessities, and securing stellar catering services. 

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How to Find Corporate Event Venues Near Me

When you search “how to find corporate event venues near me in Logan Square,” you will probably come across plenty of options. Nevertheless, these options slowly dwindle once you realize they do not quite meet your criteria. Review the following criteria to search for the best corporate events spaces.

Start Searching Now

The sooner you start your search, the better your chances of finding your dream venue. To book your venue, you must first know four key factors: location, flexibility, branding, and budget. 

When searching for corporate event venues near me, we recommend starting eight months or more in advance. The extended period allows ample opportunity to determine a budget, event space, attain RSVPs, and prepare for any potential mishaps. 

Location and Transportation

Location is vital to a successful corporate function. The location lingers as the element guests most reflect on long after the event ends. Host your event locally unless you intend to host a destination corporate function. Consider that the venue should be a reasonable distance from your business to minimize extra strain on employees concerning driving and gas mileage. You want your attendees to enjoy the event instead of worrying over additional hidden fees. 

If attendees travel, choose a venue closer to specific airports or hotels. To prevent late arrivals or lost attendees, ensure you provide them with mobile event apps, maps, or driving and parking information. Providing attendees with easy navigation creates a positive mindset before the start of the event. 

Flexible Dates

To negotiate with venues, you should stay flexible on your event date. You can negotiate a discounted price on less-in-demand calendar days by providing multiple options for dates. 

Branding Opportunities

Do you require any branding or signage at the event? Before finalizing your booking, check that your chosen space accommodates event branding for your business. Whether you need to use banners, signs, or simple photo frames, ensure you are allowed to do so in your contract with the venue. Also, check that your venue allows other options for decorations like flags, balloons, lights, and flowers. 


The available budget impacts the entire event planning experience. Which corporate events spaces you choose depends on your spending ratio in the budget. For example, will you spend more on the ideal venue and less on catering and decor? Or does providing exciting entertainment with excellent branding matter more to you than the venue itself? 

While most budgets require structure and disciplined spending, event budgets need flexibility. You can most often maintain the overall budget yet still build in wiggle room for event items you’re willing to spend more or less on. When planning how much to spend on your venue, also include in your budget expenses for food and beverages, staffing, tech use, and marketing services. 

For a budget-friendly and exceptional corporate event experience, join us at Navigator Taproom. Our taproom offers quality food and handcrafted alcoholic beverages for a fair price. When you choose to host your event with us, you’ll experience all the benefits a local taproom offers, such as exploring taproom culture and the variety of meals or beers offered. 

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Necessities of Corporate Event Spaces

The event venue finding experience can cause unnecessary stress if you do not prep yourself. Before starting any searches, know the absolute necessities of any successful event space. These necessities include excellent amenities, amazing food and beverages, and sustainable planning practices. 


Participating in event venue finding is tricky if you are searching for specific criteria. To find the best possible corporate event spaces for your business, always ask the following questions:

  • Is there a kitchen that provides event catering?

Most facilities will ask for a down payment and waive certain fees for larger events. Spaces like Navigator Taproom have kitchens on-site that offer various dining and drinking options. 

  • Is there dining furniture and linens? 

Venues with these pre-existing items create an easy way to reduce spending on your budget. Check ahead of time to see if the furniture and decor match your event theme. 

  • Does the venue have staff for set up and clean up? 

Ideally, your venue has available services for setup and clean up. Efficient staff is essential during set up as you rely on them to craft the event experience. 

  • Is there AV equipment? 

Certain corporate event spaces have audio-visual to use at will. If you need to feature certain photos, notes, or branding, consider checking with the venue or bringing your own equipment.

Food and Beverages

Food and refreshments stand as the ultimate appeal of any corporate event. Determine what meals you imagine for the event versus what the venue can provide. Do you need a buffet-style dinner or dietary requests? Is catering necessary, or is the food prepared on-site? If there is alcohol, do you need a license, or is there a licensed bartender on staff? 

At Navigator Taproom, we provide only the best food and beer pairings. If you envision robustly flavored food with a variety of alcoholic beverages for your event, consider dining with our authentic Chicago Beer House. 


The event planning industry prides itself on mindfulness and innovation. Stay on trend and consider going green when searching for corporate event spaces near me. Or rather, if your business’ branding promotes sustainability, make sure to choose a venue that coincides with your brand image carefully. Discuss with your venue if they are willing to participate in sustainable practices such as recycling and water conservation. 

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Navigator Taproom Will Host Your Corporate Event

After you consider what to look for in a corporate event venue and before starting your search for corporate event venues near me, consider choosing Navigator Taproom. Our taproom offers a variety of options for hosting the perfect event for any business. We provide furniture, staffing, an on-site kitchen, handcrafted drinks, and a lively atmosphere guaranteed to engage any event attendee! Whether your corporate event involves a night-long bar crawl or a sit-down meal, our taproom will produce only the best experiences. Contact us today to discover how you can host your event with us.