Best Corporate Party Spaces in Chicago

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Top Corporate Party Spaces in Chicago

Every company tries to create fun, memorable experiences for corporate events. However, finding a corporate event venue can be tricky, especially when you want to find a place that is versatile. Corporate party spaces in Chicago tend to be one of two things: either high-end and classy or mostly family-oriented. This really narrows the options and gives many companies a difficult choice that may not suit their needs. Navigator Taproom is the perfect rental for any Chicago corporate event because of its versatility, modern atmosphere, and accessibility. 

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Party Options

Navigator is perfect as any corporate event venue, because it has the ability to adjust to your needs. Is your company mostly made up of people with young families? We are family-friendly and even host other events like kids’ birthdays. If you are looking for an event that builds your team and gets people together,  we offer a large space with games, space, and the availability to bring your own food or catering. If you are sober, we offer non-alcoholic drinks as well. We can even help decorate for your event! There are so many ways we can help you create the perfect event, especially if you have something in mind. We can help make your vision a reality, which most other corporate party spaces in Chicago just can’t do. 


What makes an event special and memorable? It isn’t just the things you do, but the venue itself makes a difference! Instead of just going to another bar, visiting a taproom is a memorable party event. You can try over 50 different beers, ciders, draft cocktails, wines, and nonalcoholic beverages in an exciting and different way. You don’t have to wait for the bartender or waiter, and you can serve yourself at your own pace. 

Party Food

One of the biggest disappointments at any corporate event venue is when the food options are limited, not enjoyable, or don’t match your event. One of the best things about holding your event at Navigator Taproom is that you can bring your own food, or have it catered from anywhere nearby. If you want, you don’t even have to serve food! However, Logan Square is bustling with incredible restaurants and catering options. 

Corporate party spaces in Chicago often require you to use their catering or food options. Navigator gives you the flexibility to bring the food you want, without compromising or choosing something you don’t really want. You could even have every person bring their own meal. You could also bring something that pairs well with the drinks, so you can add to the experience as well. When it comes to charcuterie, you can’t go wrong with our lovely neighbors, Beautiful Rind! There are so many options at Navigator that other rental venues in Chicago just can’t match.

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One other important factor when choosing rental venues in Chicago is its accessibility. Is the venue close to transportation, or will you have to drive? This makes a big difference, as many Chicago residents commute by public transportation. A large amount of the population actually doesn’t own a car at all, which means that when you select corporate party spaces in Chicago, you need to ensure your employees can reach them easily and safely. Logan Square is easily accessible from many parts of the city, and it isn’t far from the suburbs either. This makes it the ideal place for Chicago corporate events, no matter where your workplace may be. 

Alcohol Costs

When you plan a corporate event, obviously you will have a budget. One of the best things about using a taproom rather than going to another kind of bar is that you will have much less waste, as people are able to taste and select their alcohol at their leisure. If you purchase alcohol for a corporate event but nobody drinks it, you waste a lot of money. A taproom makes it so easy for people to select what they want, without fear of ordering drinks they won’t finish. You can also set a limit for each person, so they won’t drink too much and you won’t go over your budget. The setup at Navigator Taproom makes it so your corporate event can cost exactly what you plan, which most other corporate party spaces in Chicago can’t promise. 

Team Bonding

One of the worst-case scenarios you can face when planning a corporate event is that people won’t have fun or even enjoy themselves. You can get your whole team together at a bar, but what if they don’t talk or don’t know where to start? One of the best ways to bring people together is by playing games! They promote face-to-face interaction, which connects people much more than zoom meetings and phone calls. Board games also connect people of all ages, so if you have a diverse group, everyone can enjoy themselves. Everyone can play a board game regardless of their difficulties or physical state. Some people feel left out at corporate events where they can’t participate. Playing board games with some drinks is a great way to build team unity and friendship. You could even setup a tournament or bring your favorite games from home! 

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Whether you want to rent out a few tables or the entire taproom, Navigator is the place for your next corporate event! Corporate party spaces in Chicago are difficult to find, and it’s even more difficult to find a place that can suit all of your needs. We are ready to help you have the best event you’ve ever had, and we are sure you’ll be back soon! The testimonials and reviews speak for themselves, and our staff is happy to discuss options for your event, to make it memorable and exciting. You can fit your budget, have a great time, and make sure everyone gets home safely by having your next corporate event here at Navigator Taproom.