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If you have an upcoming corporate celebration to plan for and potentially even participate in hosting, Navigator Taproom would love to take the work and stress off your hands

When you are looking to entertain fellow employees, celebrating your most recent company success or notable milestone, there’s nothing better than being able to fully enjoy the moment together.

With Navigator Taproom, you can relax and just focus on having fun and taking time off with your employees. You deserve to take a night off, and there are so many ways to celebrate at our self-serve taproom.

As the best taproom in the Chicagoland area, we are the entertainment experts when it comes to your next corporate party or other employee event.

Here in Logan Square, you and your fellow employees can enjoy exploring our wide selection of wines, ciders, and beers. You can participate in some much-needed employee bonding by exploring the diverse tastes and range you can find from our 56 taps.

The best part of a self-serve taproom is the added interactivity you can experience when choosing your own alcohol types and flavors. The best part is, you only buy what you pour. This attuned system allows you to test your knowledge and taste without risk!

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