How It Works

So, you’ve heard of Navigator Taproom, but you’re not sure how it works. That’s okay!

There are five easy steps to getting a drink at Navigator Taproom within two minutes of walking in.

Whether you come in solo for an after-work drink or you’re bringing your whole crew, it couldn’t be easier.
You don’t have to flag down your waiter or waitress to get your first drink or a refill.

Pour Yourself.

Step One: Open a Tab

We’re not like other bars, we’re a cool bar. The first step is just like any other bar: Simply open a tab with your credit card at the front desk with one of our team members. 

Step Two: Receive Pour Card

Your open tab gets you one of our fancy pour cards. Your pour card allows you to self-pour your drink. 

Choose from our wide selection of beer, wine, cider, and cocktails

Step Three: Insert Pour Card

Once you find something you like (or at least want to try), insert your pour card in the card reader below the tap and leave it there. Repeat after us: leave it there while you pour. 

Step Four: Grab a Glass

Serve yourself! Grab a glass and tilt it 45 degrees. Pull the tap handle to pour as little or as much, (we don’t judge).

Here’s the best part: you pay by the ounce, only for what you pour. Want a little taste? Go for it! Want a full glass? Nothing’s stopping you.

Step Five: Drop Your Card on the Way Out the Door

Are you sick of flagging down the bartender and waiting for them to run your tab at the end of your evening? Us, too. When you’ve had your fill, just drop off your pour card in the clear box by the front door and walk out. No lines, no wait. 

If you drop your card in the box, your tab will be run automatically with a 18% gratuity added. If you would like to manually add tip just check out with your pour card at the front desk with our staff.