What Is a Taproom?

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What Is a Taproom?

What is a taproom? When you Google the taproom definition, you will probably find something like, “A room where alcoholic drinks are served on tap.” This would be accurate, but there is more to a taproom than just tapping alcoholic drinks, especially if you’re looking at Navigator Taproom. If you are trying to discern the difference between a bar and a taproom, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn the answer to the question, “What is a taproom?” the taproom definition, about the best taproom near you.


Taproom Definition

As stated earlier, the taproom definition is simple. So, what is a taproom? A taproom is a place serving alcoholic drinks, mainly beer from a tap. That definition may leave you wondering if a taproom is all that different from a bar. Rather than existing as a separate entity from the traditional bar, a taproom generally exists in conjunction with a bar. A taproom is a room with taps holding types of beer.

The bar is the counter across from whence the alcohol is served. When you hear the word, “bar,” you probably think of a local business that sells alcohol. It is not necessarily associated exclusively with alcohol. The culture surrounding bars and taprooms is mainly where the difference occurs. You go to the bar to enjoy a general drink; you go to a taproom to enjoy a specially selected drink. It is a small distinction, but an important one all the same. Navigator Taproom is a true taproom.


What Is a Taproom Tap?

The hallmark of a taproom is the taps. You can’t truly understand the answer to the question, “What is a taproom?” without understanding the taps at their core. Taps dispense alcohol at the pull of a lever. In a traditional bar or pub, the taps may be stored behind the bar and operated by the bartender.

At Navigator Taproom, our taps are on full display. Our taps are glycol-cooled to 38 degrees. Each pour is perfectly chilled. Our tap wall features 48 beers and ciders. Accessing our taps is simple. All you need to do is receive your pour card. This card is either prepaid or linked to a credit card. Once in hand, all you need to do is insert your card into any tap you like and start pouring.


Taproom Bar

So, what is a taproom good for? Why should you go to a taproom bar as opposed to a traditional bar or pub? Taprooms, especially self-serve taprooms, offer a degree of freedom and flexibility that traditional bars and pubs can not. 



Nothing beats a taproom bar’s variety. Most bars do not have 48 different types of beers to choose from. Even if you do find one with a lot of variety, they will not have the same imported alcohol or beers from exclusive local breweries. Only specialty taprooms like Navigator Taproom can offer you this variety. At Navigator Taproom, you are almost guaranteed to find something you like. 



If you are picky about your beers and other drinks, you need to visit a self-serve taproom. At Navigator Taproom, you need not fear wasting money on a drink you dislike. You are only charged for the drinks you pour. If a flavor perks your curiosity, but you are afraid you won’t like it, only pour a sip. If you don’t like it, do not waste your money pouring a full glass. If you find you love it after that sip, pour a pint! Whether you love it or hate it, there will be no beer or any money wasted at Navigator Taproom. You have the freedom to try what you want without the commitment of a full glass.

Friends and Fun

What is a taproom if not a place to enjoy each other’s company over a good drink? Taprooms are more open, bright, and welcoming than most traditional bars. There are places to sit outside of the counter bar and lots of places to sit. That makes them the perfect place to relax with friends



As mentioned earlier, the taproom culture is very different from than traditional bar culture. While both generally welcome fun and friendship, a taproom is a place to go if you have a passion for beer. Taprooms are an experience rather than just a place to have a drink. Rather than shouting out your order and leaving it at that, going to a taproom allows you to learn about beer. Perhaps you can learn about the place that brewed it or get some good suggestions from knowledgeable staff. At a taproom, the opportunities are expansive. 

Going to a taproom means engaging in beer culture. Beer is more than just a beverage. Brewers take time to perfect their recipes and are as excited to share their beers with you as you are excited to experience them. Brewing beer is an art, and by enjoying a good, cold glass of beer, you are experiencing that art. However, it’s important to ensure you’re in the right atmosphere to truly appreciate that beer. A taproom is that precise place.


Taproom Near Me

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What is a taproom?” you are probably itching to get to a taproom yourself. You may even be typing, “Taproom near me” into the Google search bar as you are reading this. If you are in the Logan Square area of Chicago, Navigator Taproom will be the perfect place to start your journey.

Come on down and get your pour card. 48 taps of amazing beers, ciders, and wines from some of the best breweries in Chicago and abroad are waiting for you to give them a try. You will feel our signature passion for beer and good drinks as soon as you walk through the front door. Let us share our passion for beer with you and teach you the answer to the question, “What is a taproom?” in person.

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