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In the midst of Logan Square’s bustling nightlife sits a flurry of taprooms and bars. But how do you know which is the best Logan Square Taproom? How do you decide which one to go to? Although everyone has different tastes, it is clear that one taproom stands above the rest. The best Logan Square taproom is clearly Navigator Taproom. In this article, you will learn why Navigator Taproom is the best Logan Square Taproom and why it is the best of the Logan Square bars.


Logan Square Taprooms


If you want fresh beer on tap, you will have no problem finding it in Logan Square. Both locals and tourists alike flock to Logan Square for its beer, restaurants, and just a fun time overall. Logan Square has a bevy of Taprooms to offer. You will find something you like. Logan Square taprooms are known for their innovation and diversity. Many people will try multiple Logan Square taprooms and bars in one night, or you might find one that meets all your expectations and you choose to spend the night there.  Navigator Taproom might just be that bar. It might just be one of the best Logan Square Taprooms. 

Opened in 2017 to great reviews by two best friends with a love for beer, Navigator Taproom immediately set out to be different than the rest of the Logan Square beer scene. In a town known that has become known for its bars and breweries, how does one stand out? 

Navigator decided to try something different. We were not the first pour your own beer taproom, but we were Logan Square’s first. If you want the opportunity to try as many flavors and styles of beer as possible without the commitment of a full glass, then Navigator taproom is the best Logan Square Taproom for you to explore. Want to taste 20 diferent beers in one night, go right ahead!


Logan Square Bars


So, why is Navigator Taproom one of the best Logan Square Taprooms? Simple. A passion for beer coupled with variety means you can not go wrong. There is something for everyone and everyone can try anything. 


Self-Service Beers


There is something different about Navigator that makes it stand out amongst the competition. Our self-service taproom gives you a chance to sample every beer we have to offer. Unlike breweries, self-service taprooms give you the freedom to not like something. You can confidently try new beers without the fear of wasting money on an entire glass you will not end up finishing. You can start with a sip for just a bit of money and then a full glass after you decide you love it.


What We Offer

Earlier we mentioned variety. Navigator Taproom features 48 different drinks on tap, each cooled to 38 degrees. These self-service taps are in constant rotation, so even the regulars have something new to try. We have some of the best beer in Chicago. 

Don’t feel like drinking beer? That is alright too. Navigator features wine, cider, and more. We choose beers from both Chicago craft breweries and we import beers. We have stuff you can not find anywhere else.

Of course, you might want some food with your beer or other drink. Navigator has a solution for this. We are partnered with Serai Thai and 90 miles. These food delivery options pair perfectly with our drinks. You are also welcome to bring your own food or order in. We want you to have the time of your life, so do not let yourself drink on an empty stomach.


Best Bars in Logan Square

The experience at the best Logan Square Bar is simple. There is no need to stress out about the self-service aspect. Upon entering and taking your seat, you will be able to get a pour card. This pour card is connected to your credit card. From there you will take your pour card up to any tap that fascinates you. Perhaps you are drawn to something with a funky little name you have never heard of or perhaps you want to play it safe and go with something you know you love. Either way, you will have a fantastic time at Navigator Taproom.  The tablet on your table will keep track of how much you drink and how much you have spent. There is no need to keep track of it yourself. All you need to focus on is enjoying good beer.

You should also know that you are not on your own at Navigator Taproom either. We have plenty of staff available to answer questions and offer suggestions. Beer should not be stressful, so take advantage of help when you need it.

As the best Logan Square Taproom, our layout lends itself to fun amongst friends. Whether you are just stopping in or planning a party, Navigator Taproom knows how to create a fun atmosphere. Sit at the bar or sit at a table as you enjoy the company of friends. Maybe you want a little more excitement. Sitting can get tiresome. Navigator has games for you and your group! You can not be bored when you are playing good games with good friends with, most importantly, good beer.

If you want to rent the room, Navigator Taproom has options for that. You can rent out a table or the entire room. It is up to you. Navigator Taproom is perfect for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, company parties, or a simple family get-together. You and your guests are sure to love the experience. You may even come home with a new favorite beer. 


Navigator Taproom

If you want to experience Navigator Taproom for yourself, visit us at 2211 N. Milwaukee Ave. We promise you will love the beer and the experience. You do not want to stay? That is perfectly fine. Navigator Taproom offers pick-up and delivery. You can enjoy our drinks whether you are in the Taproom or at home. Come to Navigator Taproom and experience the quality for yourself.