Private Parties at Navigator Taproom

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Do you want Navigator Taproom all to yourself? Private parties at Navigator Taproom are a blast. Experience 56 types of beer and drinks all for you and your friends. Whether you are hosting a wedding, birthday party, reunion, anniversary, bachelor, or bachelorette party, choosing to host a private party with Navigator Taproom will be an experience to remember. In this article, you will learn about private parties at navigator taproom, what to look for in party spaces for rent in Chicago.


Party Spaces for Rent in Chicago

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Of all the party spaces for rent in Chicago, Navigator Taproom is one of the most fun. If you are over 21, our variety of beers, wines, cocktails, and more will engage your tastebuds and leave you wanting more. To host a private party at Navigator Taproom, you have two options. You can either rent out a table for yourself and your group or you can rent out the entire Taproom. If you choose to rent out a table, our staff will set up the designated table from where you can enjoy all 56 of our rotating, self-serve beers, wine, cocktails, and seltzers from our draft wall. Your second choice is to rent out the entire space. This is the best option for larger parties. You will get to enjoy your beer with your friends and family without worrying about taking up a stranger’s space. You will have full access to our games and the ability to bring in your own food. Feel free to order delivery for dinner and a cake to go with your drinks. 

Decorate the space as you like. Put up those 21st-birthday balloons or 25th-anniversary banners. Decorations are welcome. The only decoration prohibited from the space is glitter and confetti. If we allowed that, we would never get it out. People would be finding glitter in their beers for the next 50 years. For the sanity of the staff, please refrain from those shiny plastic pieces. 

When you reserve your private party at Navigator Taproom, we require a $50 deposit. Once you show up to the party, you will receive this deposit back in the form of a beer credit. Spend it on any beer you like. Try something new. The options are endless.

You have many choices when choosing a party space to rent in Chicago. Navigator Taproom thanks you for considering us. We promise to make your party feel special.


Chicago Private Event Spaces

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There are many things to consider when choosing a venue for a private party. You might even feel stressed out as you look for Chicago private event spaces for your party. There are so many at so many different price points. How do you decide which is best for your party? Luckily, this list will give you some things to look for in a venue so you do not go into the search blind.



You want to think about your guests. Will they need to travel down the street or across the state? Logan Square is a prime location. Surrounded by nightlife, Logan Square is beloved by locals and tourists alike. Traveling to and from is no harder than any other restaurant in the city. We are right around the corner from the blue line and are right in the heart of Logan.



The way a room feels is very important to a party. If something has the wrong feel, it can ruin an entire party. For example, you would never hold a couple’s wedding reception at a Mcdonald’s play place. The type of party will play a big role in where you have it. It is important that your space matches the tone or else you risk a tonal class that will throw off the party’s vibes at best and offends your guests at worse. No one wants to go to a funeral get-together at the local burger king. Navigator Taproom offers a fun, laid-back feel. With green chairs, both regular and hightop, a bar, a self-service wall, and many games, Navigator Taproom espouses everything good times. 



You have a budget and your budget matters. There are many wonderful places and many different price points. It is important to remember that Navigator Taproom allows you to bring your own food. 


The Dates You Want

If you are flexible about the exact date of your event, you may be able to get better rates, so planning ahead is very important. The further out the date, the more time you have to react to changes.

If you are set on a certain date, you may find that many venues will not be able to accommodate you. If the day of your party is already booked, there is not much the venue can do. This is where being flexible comes in handy. You will either need to explore other venue options or change your party date.


Venues in Chicago for Private Parties

There are numerous venues in Chicago for Private Parties. Choosing to have one of your private parties at Navigator Taproom is a choice you will not regret. Private Parties at Navigator Taproom will give you an opportunity to sample our variety of self-service beers surrounded by other partygoers. Private parties at Navigator taproom, whether only a table or the entire room, will leave you wishing the night never ends.