Best Spaces for Rent In Chicago

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Best Spaces to Rent In Chicago

What are the best event spaces for rent in Chicago? Are you looking to host a party in Chicago? Lucky for you, you have a lot of options. There are large spaces for big parties, small spaces for more intimate get-togethers, and hundreds of specialty spaces for rent. After reading this article, you’ll know how to find the best spaces for rent in Chicago without a second thought.


Event Spaces 

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If you are in Chicago and Google event spaces near me you are bound to find a lot of good options. The only problem with this search technique is that you are going to find the best spaces for rent in Chicago in general. No two parties have the same needs. No two parties have the same budget. Not every party has the same purpose. When you are searching for the best event spaces for rent in Chicago, make sure you begin with some party planning.



Before you put down a deposit on an event space rental, you should create a party budget. Your venue is only one aspect of your party’s budget. You need to think about food, decorations, and possible extras like party favors or gifts. You will also want to have a bit of padding in your budget in case something goes wrong. That is what makes Navigator taproom such a great option. You don’t need to pay extra to reserve tables or extra space. 


Finalize Your Guest List

You should have a solid idea of what your guest list looks like before booking a venue. The more guests you have, the bigger your venue will need to be, and the more expensive your venue will be. You should also use the number of people on your guest list to help choose your venue. You need a place big enough to accommodate all of your guests, but not so big that you are wasting money on space you are not using. You should be able to knock a lot of venues out of the running purely based on size. 

At Navigator taproom, we offer a huge variety of space from small parties to large ones, all without paying extra fees! We like to provide a great venue for all of your friends to have a great time.  


Decorations and Outside Food

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Some event spaces do not allow decorations or outside food. If you feel strongly about decorating, be sure to inquire about your desired venue’s policy. The same goes for outside food. Do you want to bring that birthday cake you made special for the event? Make sure that is allowed. Navigator taproom not only allows you to bring in outside food, but you can decorate however you would like as well! No glitter though. Please, no glitter.


Venue Fit for the Occasion 

Are you celebrating a birthday? An anniversary? Maybe it’s a graduation party. No matter what type of party you are hosting, the right venue can make all the difference. Regular birthdays may require a smaller, more intimate setting. Graduations may involve a greater amount of extended family. You might be able to take a 21-year-old birthday boy to a bar, but that would be completely inappropriate for a 10-year-old. What you are celebrating and who you are celebrating will influence what the best spaces for rent in Chicago best fit your event. Come visit our kid-friendly and adult friendly Navigator Taproom to throw your next party.


Atmosphere Fit

The atmosphere is hard to describe. It is something that you feel more than you quantify, but it is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a venue. The best way to decide if a party venue has the right atmosphere is to tour it. The atmosphere can be broken down into architecture, design, music, smells, and much more.

At Navigator Taproom, we have a fun atmosphere for all groups of people. We invite you to come on in and check out our awesome space for yourself.


Event Space Rental

Are looking for a fun space where you and your friends can hang out, play games, and drink amazing beer? Navigator Taproom is one of the best spaces for rent in Chicago. If you like trying new drinks in a fun-loving, friendly atmosphere then putting in an event space rental with Navigator Taproom is the right choice. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, bachelorette, bachelor, company party, or a casual get-together, you will not regret hosting with Navigator Taproom.

We offer two options for rentals. You can either rent out a table or the entire taproom. We will set up a special table for you and your guests to enjoy our variety of self-service taps. Whether you rent a table or the entire room, you are welcome to bring your own food and decorate the space as you like. 

We require a $50 to $100 deposit depending on how large your guest list is. Lucky for you, on the day of the party, you will get this deposit back in the form of beer credit. You’ll have $50 to $100 worth of beer paid for and waiting for you to indulge when you arrive. 


Event Spaces in Chicago

If you are interested in event spaces in Chicago, consider booking your party with Navigator Taproom. Let us share our love of beer with you. With 48 taps of revolving beers from both local breweries and imported from all around, we have something that will appeal to everyone.

We value the quality of our beer and we value how our customers experience our beer. Our taps of are cooled to 38 degrees, the perfect temperature for beer. We also offer cocktails, cider, and wine. Even the pickiest of party-goers will find something they enjoy. You and your guests will have a fun night celebrating whatever it is you are celebrating at one of the best spaces for rent in Chicago.

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